No-hype Innovation in digital organizations

Open Lantern makes your job easier by allowing you to visually create your technology landscape exposing system redundancy, opportunities for cost savings and easy to read reporting. Our Integrator allows you to layout all your internal integrations between platforms.
Built by the former Head of Marketing Technology at a Fortune 50, Open Lantern is built by the business, for the business.

MarTech Landscape

Create your visual Marketing Technology landscape with an intuitive, drag & drop interface

Real-time Reporting

Generate real-time reporting on ownership and technology platforms in your company


Understand how all your software integrates with each other

Open Lantern Features

  • Internal Landscape

    Create your internal MarTech landscape with simple Drag & Drop

  • Visual Stacks

    Visual Stacks help you understand tech redundancy & opportunities for savings

  • MarTech Categories

    Understand better the major MarTech categories in today's digital space

  • Vendor Information

    Gain visibility into Enterprise capable MarTech vendors

  • Real-time Reporting

    Create real-time reporting for your team and executive leadership

  • Download Reports

    Download reports in a multitude of formats for sharing

  • Integrator

    Visually layout all your integrations between platforms

  • Recommendations

    Receive feedback on what you do well, areas to improve and actions to take

Open Lantern answers these questions

Large, complex organizations have a variety of challenges with their Marketing Technology

  • What Marketing Technology am I running inside my company today?
  • Where are my technology redundancies and how can I save costs for the company?
  • Which enterprise vendors can help me exceed my business goals?
  • How aligned is my digital and technology strategy?
  • How well do my platforms integrate?