Many Fortune 100 companies we speak to have told us they want to have an easier way to find information about Marketing Technology vendors and products. Do not miss out on the opportunity to speak to the decision makers directly!

Silver (free for all vendors)

When Information icon is clicked, a pop-up says "The vendor has not presented any information. Please visit their website for more information."



When Information icon is clicked, a pop-up contains some text that YOU can define. At a low cost you are able to present information to educate customers on what your product does. The information presented is a few lines in 2 paragraphs. As text is limited, it still requires companies to do more research to learn about you.



Your best option. You are able to present detailed levels of information about your product to the user. You can display links to attachments like PDFs/White Papers. Display sales contact information for easy contact from company to vendor sales lead. Product also listed at highest available slot in Open Lantern Martech category listing.